I have spent two unforgettable summers at Sogn Andriu working, cycling, hiking and watching the magnificent red Kites ride warm air columns up and down the valley. Mike and Alison are attentive hosts who know all there is to know about the area. They know how to live and have chosen a unique place to do it. –Philip Maughan, London, UK

Leaving Zurich on the train, I felt the stress of everyday life being left behind. I breathed in the mountain air and felt excited about a week spent working on my book. Alison met me in Illanz and introduced me to her husband Mike. We drove up to their sixteenth century Swiss chalet at the end of the valley and after a lovely dinner, Mike got out the telescope for some star gazing. In the morning, I woke to the sound cows bells as the herd moved along the slopes. The sun rose over the peaks of the mountain and after a strong coffee, I started work in a room perfectly set up for a writer - bed, desk, view. I got more writing done in that week then I had in the previous six months. Not only that but looking out the window felt like gazing upon a movie set. A beauty made ever more palpable during the hikes Alison led me on around the valley. Great people, perfect location, time and space to create. –Brian Kelly, Ireland