Sogn Andriu Residenz
A room amidst the valley of light

Clear your mind and let your creative juices flow. Allow the cool mountain air and breathtaking ambiance to energize you. Solitude helps you to concentrate your energies on your material. If you wish, spend your evenings sharing your work or simply conversing with others over a glass of wine and a warm fire.

Event: Hauntology in Europe Today

16-24 October 2023

This week-long conference will explore the intersection of economy, place and literature. Building on the theory of Williams, Bourdieu and The Situationist International, our delegates will lead participants in practical exercises that will draw on the geography of Swiss Alps. Building on the last great blooming of supernatural writing in the Alps, we hope to create an atmosphere conducive to the creation of this generation’s Frankenstein as well as academic papers on the methods undertaken. Friday Sogn Andriu will provide an opportunity for participants to present their works in progress at a performance open to the public.

Our delegates:

Rene S. Perez II was born in Kingsville, Texas, and raised in Corpus Christi. He received a BA in English at the University of Texas and an MFA in creative writing from Texas State University. He is the winner of the Alfredo Cisneros Del Moral Foundation prize for his collection Along These Highways. He teaches in Austin.

Alexandra Pitt is head of learning enhancement (Associate Prof in AWL&MSN) at Middlesex University. She received an MA in Creative Writing from City University in 2018. She is writing a collection of short stories about old women and their cats.

Brian Kelly was born in Dublin, Ireland and lives in London with his partner and children. He received a MFA in Creative Writing from City University in 2017. He is the co-founder of the spoken word night Club Verbal Discharge. He is the founder of the Insurgent Press. He is writing a doctoral thesis on the Irish novel post 2008 financial crash at Kings University, London.